Post Office Recruitment FAQs

Indian Post Recruitment - FAQs

Please share your Registration Number and Bank Payment Proof including Transaction number for verification of the payment.
In the event of multiple applications, only the latest application (i.e. the application which was submitted last) will be considered, so follow the steps as per latest application.
On entering wrong password five times consecutively, your user ID will get blocked for 30 minutes. After this period, it will automatically become active.Or alternatively you can use Forgot Password Service to generate an OTP and reset your Password
You can follow below steps to protect your user id password.
  • Memorise User Id and Password
  • Do not write them down anywhere
  • Do not tell your User ID/Password to anyone.
  • Make sure that no one is looking when you key in your User ID/Password
No, you can have only one account with one e-mail address.